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Thunderlane: “Nice to see you finally fitting in, Sunnyboi, but it looks like you need a little help warming up~”  
Sunburst: “W-wait! I thought this sort of stuff was only for the locker room!”  
Thunderlane: “Well the rules in this gym are kinda like you. Flexible~
Sort of a sequel to this image .
It looks as if Ponyville’s all male gym is popping off, though it seems that Sunburst was a bit misinformed of the rules that tend to go out the window when Thunderlane is around. While he was looking forward to a little bit of a romp in the showers, a small reminder of his days in The Academy, he wasn’t expecting to be taken from behind in the middle of his warm up. Now, with his rump being grasped on both sides, he’s suddenly looking forward to a much different work out with the help of a Wonderbolt stud and, hopefully, a big musky farmer.
Meanwhile, Sandbar has gotten more than used to the “eccentricities” of this gym and invited his boyfriend along for the ride. But, despite introducing Sandbar to the rumors of the gym, Gallus in no way expected the rumors to be true.
While Gallus knew his boyfriend was hung, there was something different about seeing Sandbar so proudly showing off around other nude stallions.
Something kinky. And enjoyable.
explicit365970 artist:meteor_mirage15 big macintosh29031 gallus7076 sandbar5657 sunburst7090 thunderlane4242 earth pony274578 griffon28291 pegasus316766 unicorn350668 anthro273187 plantigrade anthro35346 3d82045 ass51671 balls80936 barbell248 big penis11887 butt81718 butt touch4452 clothed male nude male270 dark genitals11912 dumbbell (object)151 erect nipples11707 erection16020 exhibitionism9447 face down ass up8997 flaccid2525 flexing1306 folded wings6913 frown23935 gallbar517 gay29040 grin41958 gritted teeth13539 gym903 hand on butt2969 hand on hip7787 horsecock72981 male394172 medial ring6545 moobs420 nipples178338 nudity387211 open mouth158258 penis161279 presenting25133 shipping207682 shocked7362 shocked expression1062 smiling266869 source filmmaker49289 spread wings58208 wall of tags3771 wide eyes17545 wingboner8416 wings126919 workout816 yoga774


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Ok then..
I find him hot in femboy form but I do wished we could see how he look in beef form in your style there honestly.  
In fact I felt like there needs to be more beefy Spike out there in general. Like the ratio between femboy Spike and beefy Spike in 3D stuff felt a little too unbalanced with there being more femboy Spike over beefy one.