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Sunset invites Twilight over from Equestria to play Tyrek’s Revenge 3. But Sci-Twi turns it into a challenge: Whoever wins the game while having their feet tickled wins.
artist needed26250 safe1949871 artist:electrahybrida96 artist:invisibleink513 artist:uponia164 derpibooru exclusive33948 sci-twi28524 sunset shimmer71664 twilight sparkle330389 alicorn270484 equestria girls231277 equestria girls series38388 game stream643 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16223 challenge294 challenge accepted77 clothes551252 crying49885 feet48083 fetish48482 foot fetish9742 foot tickling77 gamer sunset547 laughing9585 pantyhose3804 socks80406 stocking feet1819 straining238 struggling1389 sunset shimmer frustrated at game276 sunset's apartment437 tears of laughter1065 tickling5368 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137488 twolight1358


not provided yet


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