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safe2172208 artist:uotapo1104 diamond tiara11802 pipp petals20936 queen haven1823 spoiled rich1482 human244959 pegasus495577 pony1600375 equestria girls255605 g42026955 g575243 my little pony: a new generation14772 :o6654 adorapipp3224 barefoot35142 bracelet15588 cellphone8007 chest fluff65340 crown29860 cute265485 diamondbetes599 equestria girls-ified13613 eyes closed138790 feet54429 female1800366 hoof fluff3259 jewelry112761 mare739526 mother and child6085 mother and daughter8393 necklace32260 open mouth237117 phone12436 regalia36346 smartphone5348 speech bubble39076


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@Background Pony #D504  
With the mix of pony and human had the few wonder if pony pip petals and human diamond tiara are the few practically glued to their smartphones when human spoiled rich and pony queen haven call pip petals and diamond tiara for dinner.
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This feels like Diamond is teaching Pipp how a phone works for the first time and she’s simply awestruck by it.
Pipp: “What is this thing filled with so many wonders…?”
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But will Pipp Petals and Diamond Tiara being able to make it for dinner on time after spending too much time with their phones?