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For Prince Blueblood, there’s nothing more fun than abusing his status to get a much needed sweat on in the local gym’s sauna. Alone, of course, as the royal just cannot be seen relaxing with the laypeople. He has a reputation to uphold, after all.
Though this doesn’t stop him from partaking in a little bit of fun while he’s alone. The life of a royal can be difficult, and he can’t be sure when his next chance at being alone may be.
But, knowing the studly duo of guards his auntie always pairs him with, he isn’t sure if being alone is really the best choice tonight.
Blueblood: “Oh boys~ I could use a bit of assistance in here~

Requested by: MajinFreeCell
explicit365963 artist:meteor_mirage15 prince blueblood4213 unicorn350659 anthro273186 plantigrade anthro35346 3d82044 balls80936 bench2688 cutie mark50592 erection16020 exhibitionism9447 male394172 masturbation19341 nudity387210 o-face74 penis161278 precum11331 precum string40 sauna495 sitting66584 solo1108752 solo male27627 spread legs20228 spreading20168 steam1999 sweat28119 towel3882


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