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Camping and S’mores
Oops. No worries Mac, the outside’s just a little burnt but the inside should still be going and delicious. Just remember to put the fire out before eating it. ;)
Also, no one ask Rarity about her side job as a marshmallow spokes-pony, she’s really embarrassed about it. Especially so after she realized how much more she was making off it than her fashion career.
safe1861466 anonymous artist3193 big macintosh30087 fluttershy227675 rarity194885 oc777451 oc:late riser72 earth pony313197 pegasus356238 pony1205765 series:fm family vacation19 series:fm holidays234 baby11463 baby pony7350 campfire1237 camping412 chocolate bar116 clothes518777 colt16611 dexterous hooves734 eating10723 family4848 fanny pack46 female1501083 fire12692 fluttermac3255 food79848 forest11615 frown25979 graham cracker36 hawaiian shirt494 high res74394 hoof hold9676 jeans4819 log766 male422822 mare557090 marshmallow1442 offspring44590 overalls1945 pants17061 parent:big macintosh3763 parent:fluttershy5712 parents:fluttermac1656 pointy ponies3612 rarity is a marshmallow426 roasted marshmallow8 s'mores110 shipping218265 shirt29111 sitting71931 snickering150 stallion132613 stick742 straight150065 striped shirt131 tent1071


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