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When Demons Awake became very literal, did it not? >:o
Full video for Agrol’s new animation, The Princess of Evil. Out now. >:)
semi-grimdark33196 artist:agrol806 edit155005 starlight glimmer54811 twilight sparkle330406 alicorn270520 earth pony352421 pegasus396824 pony1300173 unicorn436006 the princess of evil22 the last problem7088 :o5091 :s240 absurd file size2607 alternate hairstyle33015 angry32264 animated111957 apple18883 aweeg*391 blinking4603 blood28284 blushing235393 bondage40421 book38860 bookshelf4682 box5573 brush2325 butt172405 chewing675 clothes551295 confused5684 creepy5038 creepy smile737 cropped55674 crown24348 crying49887 crylight sparkle199 demonic77 demonic eyes53 eating11508 evil grin5415 eye contact7279 eyeroll659 eyes closed118393 falling3095 fangs32619 female1583011 fire13474 flying46606 folded wings12365 food86200 force field703 frown28104 gag17325 glowing11567 glowing horn24831 grin51789 gritted teeth16220 guardsmare1541 hairbrush556 helmet13309 hoof hold10616 hooves22345 horn113226 horn ring6686 hug33123 indoors4973 inkwell532 jewelry89043 key820 kissing28463 lidded eyes38281 looking at each other27004 looking at someone6614 looking at something3746 looking back72743 looking down11665 lying down31565 magic85355 maid6925 mare606196 mirror6359 nervous7111 nervous grin1595 nose wrinkle3485 on back29206 open mouth193896 open smile15172 outdoors15695 paper3859 plot112107 possessed2028 quill3043 raised eyebrow7793 raised hoof58775 reading7208 regalia29043 ring5066 rope14015 rope bondage5926 royal guard9378 running7025 shadow5898 show accurate22959 shrunken pupils5123 sitting77293 smiling324673 smuglight sparkle324 sound12711 spread wings73473 squee2051 standing17566 surprised11096 tail62763 tape1876 tape gag1245 tears of blood397 teeth14692 telekinesis33594 teleportation698 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137500 twilight's castle4731 underhoof61033 video1218 walking6150 wall of tags5286 wavy mouth4699 weapon36163 webm19311 wilhelm scream27 window10997 wings169947 youtube link10599


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