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Blue: Directly Related/Offspring
Yellow: Adopted
Purple: Created
Black: Alternate Universe/Mirror Character
Pink Heart: Relationship/In love
Grey Heart: Past Relationship/No love
Green Triangle: Found Family/Non Related Famiial Relationship
Rings: Married
Dark Blue: Offspring from affair.
Grayscaled Characters = Deceased
Bright Macintosh and Pear Butter (deceased)
• Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Macintosh
Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles
• Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Spoiled Milk and (deceased) Filthy Rich, (not-pictured) Father of Coronet
• Diamond Tiara and Coronet

Apple Jack x Rarity
Children: Southern Belle and (twins) Prink and Primp
Apple Bloom x Diamond Tiara
Children: Sugar Poppet
Big Macintosh x Sugar Belle
Children: Lil’ Crumpet and Big Buckshot
Sweetie Belle x Button Mash
Children: Tech Wiz
Pinkie Pie is considered family to Applejack, even if its a smudge on a old paper.
safe1901963 artist:aztrial133 apple bloom54929 applejack183761 big macintosh30591 bright mac1522 button mash4400 cookie crumbles1194 diamond tiara10943 filthy rich1234 hondo flanks620 little mac162 pear butter3290 pinkie pie233232 rarity198087 spoiled rich1299 sugar belle3448 sweetie belle52160 oc799942 oc:big buckshot2 oc:coronet8 oc:lil' crumpet3 oc:primp8 oc:prink6 oc:southern belle336 oc:sugar poppet5 oc:tech wiz4 earth pony331348 pegasus375065 unicorn412320 apple family590 apple family member3170 beard4403 beehive hairdo110 bow35153 brightbutter882 cookieflanks216 crown22891 diamondbloom241 facial hair7531 family4955 family tree413 female1538901 freckles34288 glasses73687 hair bow19549 hair bun4041 half-siblings723 half-sisters38 high res79012 jewelry84292 lesbian105735 magical lesbian spawn14098 male435954 mohawk924 moustache3295 nose piercing3271 nose ring2513 offspring45375 older32419 older apple bloom2650 older button mash296 older diamond tiara945 older sweetie belle2931 parent:apple bloom783 parent:applejack4677 parent:big macintosh3836 parent:button mash350 parent:diamond tiara262 parent:rarity5076 parent:sugar belle440 parent:sweetie belle713 parents:diamondbloom94 parents:rarijack487 parents:sugarmac273 parents:sweetiemash307 piercing50452 rarijack7602 regalia27128 shipping222788 siblings13055 spoilthy90 straight153660 sugarmac887 sweetiemash660


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