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suggestive153927 artist:xan-gelx306 flash sentry13538 princess celestia98648 principal celestia3725 equestria girls215465 all these wonderful flavors and you choose effeminate1 ara ara62 bed44239 black underwear3968 bra17206 breasts302656 busty princess celestia10963 cleavage37103 clothes498114 commission79088 commissioner:shortskirtsandexplosions46 cougar729 cute213544 cutelestia3753 duo82114 eyes closed103817 female1453973 femboy10300 flashlestia52 frilly underwear4557 girly sentry58 her shirt1 high res68690 larger female909 male407158 morning after188 one eye closed34576 open mouth165776 pajamas3480 selfie3481 shipping212320 shirt27658 size difference15746 straight145371 stretching2519 text64983 this will end in jail time408 underwear64610 unprofessional behavior22 waking up857 wink26769 yawn1467


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Background Pony #1A1D
@Midday Sun  
That’s ture, but if we are to be honest here for a moment. Celestia is a good Big Sister that has been thought to share all of her toys & “toys” with her Litte Sister. So she better get hi ready for some action with our dear Luna.
Midday Sun

Okay, first of all, “all these wonderful flavors and you choose effeminate”, is a funny as hell tag.
Second, Celestia has to make sure the other cougars in town know that this is hers now.:P
Background Pony #1A1D
Indeed, making your boy toy wear your clothes is an ancient holy ritual that make sure that the boy toy is marked to the female the of whom have laied claim to him.