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explicit389844 artist:badumsquish2159 derpibooru exclusive31625 zecora10050 pony1208563 zebra19612 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2780 aftersex10359 belly32580 big belly14102 black vine653 blushing222192 consentacles1339 dock56986 dripping6354 ear piercing31893 earring24833 everfree forest2188 female1503496 floppy ears59354 forest11639 implied sex6672 implied tentacle porn20 insertion19137 jewelry80296 lying down26356 mare558540 musk1264 neck rings1148 nudity420127 piercing48518 pregnant14453 show accurate21075 show accurate porn8322 smiling297914 solo1184780 solo female195743 tail49429 tentacle porn8828 tentacles13087 vaginal insertion7042 vulva146510 walking5601


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Background Pony #1EE4
Are you gonna draw her kids (birthing or not, either way)? Please tell me you’re gonna draw her kids. :3
Background Pony #5FBC
@Jangan Panggil Aku Anak Kecil, Paman!  
A way too make pony like bodyplan more easily searcahble, because pony is apparently both a bodyplan AND species tag, so you can’t use it with zebras or gryphons and stuff obviously, but then you don’t have a bodyplan tag for these species when they’re show like.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
There was nothing even remotely non-consensual about what happened with those tentacles. Granted, she’s surprised but not upset that a zebra can get pregnant from black vines :P
It’s how you can tell the sex-hungry vines from the normal ones. The sex hungry ones either lack spikes outright, or don’t have them on near the ends :D
Imagine rubbing it :D
@Clever Clovers  
It’s more or less how I work. I don’t have a whole lot of time to sit and comment these days, like I basically have zero presence in the forums anymore. These days I basically sit down, make an upload, pound out some replies, and then leave XD
@Background Pony #5FBC  
Zecora is best zebra. That she’s the only zebra doesn’t matter :D
It’s a mystery what’s coming out of there XD
@Jangan Panggil Aku Anak Kecil, Paman!  
I honestly don’t know. Someone must have added it to the last set of pics since I basically just copied them over from that pic and changed them XD
Background Pony #5FBC
Oh my goodness, yes!  
A horny and content zebra, with big belly fully of ofssprings whenever they are zebra foals or plant spawn or both, and clearly enjoying it, what else could you want? I really love her facial expression here, really hope that the vines are taking good care of their seed’s host, iykwim.
Badum, please never stop drawign art with her.