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Little Pipp
safe1864626 artist:pfeffaroo451 alphabittle blossomforth273 hitch trailblazer4505 izzy moonbow8362 pipp petals6376 sunny starscout7664 zipp storm4767 earth pony314692 pegasus357644 pony1209051 unicorn395276 g521604 my little pony: a new generation12522 spoiler:g52418 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5692 4 panel comic137 :35240 cloak5057 clothes519852 coat markings7462 comic117829 crystal tea room75 dialogue73800 eye contact7061 facial hair7138 fake horn943 female1503878 freckles33297 hidden wings115 high res74705 looking at each other24616 male423789 mane five (g5)1519 mare558784 open mouth176658 pipp is short181 pointing4581 size difference16603 smiling298036 smol852 socks (coat markings)4311 speech bubble27851 stallion133128 underhoof57943 unshorn fetlocks31995


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Background Pony #38D8
I can’t think it’s a coincidence Pipp is the smallest. They have to know what they’re doing. Fallout Equestria is a big thing after all.