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Soarin’: “Aw c’moooon Brae~ Just come back to bed and have a little fun with me. The apples’ll still be there when we’re done~ “  
Braeburn: “Hun, you’re insatiable. Hows about you help me on the farm, and we can get back to our own kinda buckin’ after?”
Soarin’ and Braeburn haven’t been living together in Appleoosa for very long, but they quickly began to set into their own little rhythms of life.
Early mornings usually have Brae waking up to his alarm, Soarin’ quickly following suit to tempt his boyfriend for another five/ten/fifteen minutes of sleep, snuggletimes, and a continuation of how they ended the previous night.
But Brae is such a tease.
explicit365961 artist:meteor_mirage15 braeburn6428 soarin'14282 earth pony274567 pegasus316748 anthro273186 plantigrade anthro35346 3d82044 alarm clock423 balls80936 bed42904 bedroom11130 bedroom eyes62212 boyfriend35 clock1993 condom3256 condom wrapper9 cutie mark50592 erection16020 folded wings6913 gay29040 gay couple29 grin41958 lube1828 male394172 males only3192 nipples178338 nudity387210 painting3829 penis161278 pillow18924 shipping207682 smiling266869 soarburn513 tail33650 wings126919


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