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And decided to color her up since its been too long. Hope ya’ll like her. Feels good to be making art again.
suggestive167164 artist:thelunarmoon487 princess celestia103124 alicorn264017 pony1264649 beach18545 bedroom eyes69846 belly34007 big belly15110 blushing230682 butt154673 chest fluff50487 chubbylestia993 clothes539565 ethereal mane10207 ethereal tail722 fat25187 female1552539 huge belly5888 huge butt12495 impossibly large belly12622 impossibly large butt8450 large butt23566 looking at you206940 looking back70552 looking back at you21448 mare587014 obese13258 ocean8906 praise the sun2217 smiling314789 solo1224004 solo female201399 sunbutt4845 the ass was fat17711 water17759


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