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Chrysalis Spots a Human 1/2
The mega giantess and Queen of the Changeling army Chrysalis walks around and towers over all cities and towns, even able to crush some under just one of her feet. She doesn’t waste too much of her powerful magic on many of those weaker than she is so she’ll either mind control and turn them into Changelings, swallow them down her gullet or make them into slaves. However, this version of Chrysalis is a bit mopey, unmotivated, and carefree when not dealing with pest such as the Mane 6 who can somehow still stand up to her at her massive height. She often has to decrease her size when needing to talk directly with someone of importance or walk into buildings. She’ll often send her army to deal with any small time issues.
One day one of her soldiers mentioned the presence of a human nearby to her. She found him quickly after, a micro speck on her huge chest. He somehow ended up in her kingdom and in her bed chambers and directly on her chest. She’s aware of the humans magically appearing very tiny and ending up in Equestria where Twilight and her friends quickly gather them and send as many back home as possible. Sometimes the Mane 6 and others will give them comfort and shelter in their homes when they see them and will take care of them until they send them back (except for Lyra and her obsession with them). However, some of them are unfortunate and end up with Equestrians they shouldn’t be with like Diamond, Cozy, Gilda, Trixie, Luna, any of the goth ponies, alter egos like Pinkamena and Fluttergoth, etc. There are also very rare cases where a human can appear at normal size in Equestria. This one ended up in Chrysalis’ lair as a normal size, but to his woe she’s still a mega giantess so he’s nothing but a tiny speck towards her and can’t run away and hide anywhere. Even if he did he won’t get far with her army all over the place ready to grab him. He’s forced to sit on her chest until she decides what to do with him. He thinks she’s gonna eat him so he’s waiting for it, but wants to admire being this close to a girl, despite the fact that she isn’t human, before he’s finished.
suggestive170151 artist:tenebrousmelancholy251 queen chrysalis38729 changeling57623 changeling queen20821 human198074 anthro309927 big breasts104079 blushing234694 breast hold1341 breasts335975 busty queen chrysalis4478 digital art25218 eyeshadow21900 fangs32470 female1579280 giantess5213 huge breasts48230 imminent vore2781 looking down11605 looking up20241 macro12961 makeup30029 mega giant723 micro10358 on breast6 open mouth193078 scared12486 sharp teeth5011 solo1245936 story included11057 sweat32874 sweatdrop4391 teeth14590 text74482 threat465 tiny1639


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