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It’s time for an ANNOUNCEMENT!
I’m currently working on a comic called “The Princess of Love” under the supervision of the one and only Lummh “The Princess of Love” is a huge fan project, with a separate artist working on each of the chapters, and I’m drawing the first one. So far, I can’t show pieces of the actual pages, but I can share concept works and stuff. So here’s a test drawing that I was asked to make before starting my work!
As the title suggests, the comic will tell the story of Princess Cadance, yet, from a perspective of different characters. You can learn more HERE.
P.S. - This painting is based on Lummh’s sketch. I guess that you can call it a collab :>

MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust and Hasbro  
Idea and sketch (c) Lummh
safe1946097 artist:jewellier179 artist:lummh683 princess cadance36377 twilight sparkle330073 alicorn269748 pony1295757 crown24179 cute232047 cutedance1418 duo107086 female1579351 fire13421 glowing horn24765 grin51569 happy37670 high res83923 hoof shoes7333 horn112573 jewelry88566 magic85157 mare603942 regalia28830 sisters-in-law1098 smiling323531 talking8289 twiabetes13668 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137316 walking6134 water18391


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