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Twitter sketch no. 248.  
He’s trying to move on, guys.  
#MLP #bronies https://t.co/8bNpw8ugsL
safe1922106 artist:pony-berserker1071 rarity199442 spike85888 sweetie belle52495 dragon68676 pony1269526 pony-berserker's twitter sketches366 annoyed6177 bouquet1134 butt163871 dat ass480 derp7560 eyes on the prize6136 female1557034 flower31389 looking at butt1241 male442703 meme87902 rearity5706 shipping224970 sparity7560 spikebelle836 straight155342 sweetie belle is not amused196 unamused19702 wall eyed165 winged spike9194 wings163546


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Background Pony #0F0A
Sweetie Belle: “Next date, we’re going somewhere Rarity’s unlikely to trespass.”
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I get it Sweetie Belle, but to be honest it’s kind of on you for dating someone who had a character-defining thing for your sister for years.
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