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safe2173609 artist:egophiliac2197 carrot cake2502 cloudy quartz1755 cup cake4939 igneous rock pie1116 limestone pie6203 marble pie8277 pinkie pie255778 pound cake3037 pumpkin cake2747 earth pony446014 pegasus496191 pony1601784 unicorn537655 slice of pony life111 g42027566 adoraquartz66 cake family74 carrotbetes25 colt20478 comic135395 cute265637 cute cake68 daaaaaaaaaaaw7006 family5717 feels1680 female1801926 filly97326 foal44141 glasses88647 limabetes305 male550439 marblebetes824 mare740594 older39940 older pound cake496 older pumpkin cake433 pie family343 poundabetes143 pumpkinbetes132 ship:carrot cup398 ship:quartzrock389 shipping254044 stallion195566 straight178974 the cakes130


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Touch Fluffy Tail
Hey, we only just got to see Rainbows dad. Her parents were Amish, maybe they disowned her that would explain her abandonment issues XD

It still bothers me that they haven’t shown Pinkie’s “old” family after the flashback episode.  
Then again they have never shown Fluttershy’s family either so I guess it doesn’t matter.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I really wonder if her parents told her to leave or let her go live with the cakes, realizing their home wasn’t good for her and she wasn’t happy there.