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safe1901920 edit150371 edited screencap76095 editor:quoterific4998 screencap247936 twilight sparkle324892 alicorn261185 pony1249387 unicorn412305 all bottled up1547 castle mane-ia950 castle sweet castle1404 friendship is magic3278 look before you sleep1004 magical mystery cure2619 season 14068 season 23483 season 31802 season 43865 season 52718 season 61859 season 71614 season 92240 sweet and elite946 the ending of the end3486 the lost treasure of griffonstone1134 the mane attraction1262 the times they are a changeling981 three's a crowd1417 to where and back again2897 alternate hairstyle32119 best friends until the end of time195 book37744 breaking the fourth wall1109 cute225870 excited3401 eyes closed113409 female1538861 floppy ears61339 flying44632 glowing eyes12996 glowing horn23758 golden oaks library5733 grin49161 gritted teeth15395 horn105691 lying down28614 magic82782 magic aura5955 mare579249 nervous6663 nervous grin1440 night30866 one eye closed37890 open mouth184070 poster6111 prone29513 punklight sparkle807 question mark5396 raised hoof56592 smiling310044 solo1212723 spread wings69270 teeth13265 that pony sure does love books1240 thinking2247 train station493 transformation12996 twiabetes13352 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134831 twilight sparkle day32 twilight's castle4620 unicorn twilight23642 wings159106 wink28601


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