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Sometimes when you’re on a rut on what to draw, it’s ok to use references.  
It’s been so long since I drew the six of them together…
Based on this image:
safe1948290 artist:platinum-starz54 bon bon17751 derpy hooves53687 dj pon-331382 doctor whooves11413 lyra heartstrings31950 octavia melody25868 sweetie drops17751 time turner11408 vinyl scratch31382 human198540 :35683 :p11920 adorabon805 apron5094 background six278 bowtie12487 clothes550572 coat3386 cute232394 derpabetes3285 female1581454 grin51684 heart59910 hoodie17493 humanized109074 lyrabetes1595 male451477 necktie8928 open mouth193609 paper3859 shirt31763 smiling324197 t-shirt5628 tavibetes744 tongue out126516 vinylbetes751


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