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Sometimes when you’re on a rut on what to draw, it’s ok to use references.  
It’s been so long since I drew the six of them together…
Based on this image:
safe1785590 artist:platinum-starz54 bon bon16862 derpy hooves51187 dj pon-329947 doctor whooves11031 lyra heartstrings30381 octavia melody24460 sweetie drops16862 time turner11027 vinyl scratch29946 human162293 :34854 :p9937 adorabon690 apron4568 background six273 bowtie11012 clothes488824 coat3012 cute210124 derpabetes2901 female1434117 grin42972 heart51358 hoodie15526 humanized103198 lyrabetes1434 male399761 necktie7840 open mouth161577 paper3383 shirt27105 smiling272639 t-shirt4828 tavibetes694 tongue out111551 vinylbetes702


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