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Your new girl is beautiful, looks like she’s in love  
Made me kinda trip and fall in memories of us  
Back when I was your girl, I wanna be her now💔🎶 https://t.co/2j6S8pyQbP
safe1752385 artist:imalou501 big macintosh28852 marble pie6698 sugar belle3216 earth pony266639 pony1012210 eye reflection682 female1403542 hair over one eye9351 high res33008 looking at you175974 looking back60173 looking back at you16035 male388605 mare503046 raised hoof48485 reflection3308 sad25091 shipping205900 simple background409789 solo1095608 straight140490 sugarmac800


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Background Pony #81C3
At least Marble Pie has moved on and is starting the path to finding her own happy ending in IDW #99.
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Glad someone found it too. Look into marbles eye and see what she sees. Such a lovely mare and a beautiful image.