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While summertime often means vacations, holidays and travel, for many for others its an opportunity to make some additional bits by taking on summertime jobs.

Having acquired the ability to become a mermaid Carousel has taken a job on the boardwalk at Mt. Aris giving foals a ride beneath the waves and around the palace of Queen Novo.

This is a piece I intended to have done for MerMay 2021 but it didn't get completed then, but at least I got it done before the summer of 2021 was over.
suggestive148436 artist:baron engel2077 oc712277 oc:carousel104 merpony2281 unicorn342523 anthro269649 bikini18987 bikini top1863 bit541 bra16507 breasts288791 bridle3835 clothes476233 collar34560 female1402359 lying down19677 mare502415 monochrome152353 open mouth154504 open smile2177 pencil drawing8374 prone26357 reins1016 saddle2186 seaponified2697 sign4129 smiling261140 solo1094730 species swap20677 swimsuit29756 tack4892 traditional art120288 underwear62526


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