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Oh? You think I'm beautiful? How charming. You don't live to be over a thousand years old without hearing a few interesting things, but do you know what the most common phrase I hear from the ponies I kill is? That I'm the most beautiful mare they've ever seen.

Your corpse will compliment the other husks quite nicely.
safe1750344 artist:cadillacdynamite47 oc711856 oc only465402 oc:lady rubra1 earth pony265871 pony1010418 vampire4065 equestria at war mod697 blood25241 bust52568 clothes475943 dread league8 ear piercing27785 earring22159 eyelashes12308 eyeshadow16565 fangs26681 female1401734 hat90328 jewelry68203 lady dimitrescu68 looking at you175669 makeup22811 mare502124 piercing43099 ponified41998 portrait31836 red eyes6515 sun hat1041


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