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Originally posted on: November 18, 2016, 11:30 PM UTC  
Flora and Fauna
So i drew them older and kinda changed their designs a little. Flora and Fauna are the twins of Fluttershy and Discord. Their parents continued to have tea every Tuesday, and eventually started dating and got married. Then things got interesting. But i haven’t thought of how teh bebes were made yet so eh. XD
Nicknames: Flower (Fluttershy and Discord only), Thorn
Species: draquonus/pegasus hybrid, female
Likes: pranks, plants, flying, teaching her friends/carnivorous plants how to hunt for flies, eating dirt, photosynthesis
Dislikes: school, work, being quiet, when ponies bully her sister, when Fauna’s and Fluttershy’s bunnies eat her friends-i mean venus fly-traps-, rabbits
Age: 16
Bio: Flora is a spunky draquonus pony who is obsessed with plants. She loves to prank ponies and make them mad, but it’s all in good fun. She can talk to plants, and sometimes makes ponies uncomfortable yelling at pansies to shut up. Her chest fluff changes with the seasons. Flora is reckless, confident, loud, impolite, fun, and crazy. She can do a lot of magic, but only with plants. Ponies are usually a little afraid of her, and sometimes she has been known to take advantage of this to entertain herself. She learned all her tricks from Discord and her plant knowledge from Fluttershy. She has a good relationship with both parents, although they Recieve a lot of phone calls when Flora just happens to be hiding among the flower patch… Usually they just end up yelling and eventually laughing it off because it really was a good prank.
Nicknames: Bunny, Antlers
Species: draquonus/pegasus hybrid, female
Likes: walks in the everfree forest, animals, sitting quietly, singing by herself, making Flora attend tea parties with her animal friends
Dislikes: loud noises, talking to ponies, when Flora’s venus flytraps eat her bug friends, when ponies get mad at her sister
Age: 16
Bio: Fauna is very shy and quiet and most of her friends are animals. she spends most of her time caring for them and making sure that they are happy. She is scared of most ponies, and likes to be by herself. She can talk to animals and has animal magic, and her chest fluff also changes with the seasons, like a snowshoe hare. Fauna was very sheltered by both her perents because of her shyness, which caused her to be bullied a lot and added to her shyness. Her mixed appearence did not help with the bullying or her self esteem. Fauna tries to keep her life positive, though, and always find the good in things. She is very much like her mother and spends a lot of time with her parents. Discord is very protective of Fauna. So is Flora. And Fluttershy.
So i hope you liked that. It was fun to write and fun to draw. Fun things are fun XD
safe1754477 artist:ukulelepineapplecat78 oc713607 oc only466321 oc:fauna37 oc:flora84 draconequus12886 hybrid20644 chest fluff41402 draconequus oc1561 duo65031 female1405206 interspecies offspring7849 offspring40994 parent:discord3549 parent:fluttershy5159 parents:discoshy1218 simple background410411 story included9580 white background102833


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