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My Ascended Self and Me
suggestive148398 artist:tjpones3210 sci-twi25219 twilight sparkle306080 equestria girls206972 absurd resolution67008 arm behind back6439 ascension enhancement123 belly button81235 big breasts86007 bikini18961 breasts288658 busty sci-twi769 busty twilight sparkle12451 cleavage35634 clothes475908 duo64712 duo female11926 explicit source4998 female1401673 glasses64568 hand on hip7507 height difference718 lake1588 looking at you175650 one-piece swimsuit4683 ponytail18760 size difference14996 swimsuit29627 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126183 twolight1214


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Sci-Twi Lover
What the? Wrong, the correct answer is that BP is actually imposing the artist here, you need to report them, not replying. I'll handle that…

@Background Pony #5CE0
You ain't listened to us what we're saying before in >>2646755? For the last time:

Artists are in no way required to adhere to official ages or sizes. Stop trying to impose on the artist.
Background Pony #B663
Love seeing ascension enhancement that goes further beyond bigger boobs.