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Happy Friendship day everyone & to our beloved Girls. As always, Friendship is Magic!! πŸ’– https://t.co/duQ7Veq2pq
safe1752417 artist:luigigamer2514 edit136004 edited screencap67295 screencap227730 applejack173438 fluttershy217423 pinkie pie220373 rainbow dash238800 rarity185750 sci-twi25363 spike80558 spike the regular dog2587 sunset shimmer64898 twilight sparkle306403 alicorn233182 dog9874 earth pony266663 pegasus309854 pony1012243 unicorn343065 castle sweet castle1351 equestria girls207478 equestria girls series35020 forgotten friendship5679 friendship games12841 magical mystery cure2447 rainbow rocks18545 rollercoaster of friendship2637 season 12508 season 31118 season 51727 the cutie mark chronicles992 friendship day21 humane five3614 humane seven2681 humane six3426 mane seven6684 mane six32603 meta16741 ponied up5304 spike the dog2684 title drop186 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126272 welcome to the show204


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