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To celebrate a half K follower milestone on Twitter, Ace’s “appreciators” decided to soak him in champagnes.  

Except they aren’t actually champagnes…

Alternate source on furaffinity
explicit389744 artist:mrkat7214490 oc778555 oc only577346 oc:ace play174 oc:apple daze2 oc:dookin foof lord146 oc:drumstick pony6 oc:heroic armour448 oc:palatinatus clypeus163 oc:skynight sleuth71 earth pony314133 pegasus357084 pony1207987 unicorn394828 zebra19607 anus109149 balls87731 bipedal40465 blushing222125 bukkake3115 butt136147 cum87721 cum everywhere959 cum on body2945 cum on chest224 cum on hair2097 cum on mane150 cum on nose240 cum on penis554 cumming25731 dark genitals13162 dock56967 dripping6352 dripping cum3831 dubious consent1492 earth pony oc15046 facial9007 facial hair7129 gay30931 goatee1837 gritted teeth14873 group sex17328 high res74519 horn98690 horsecock79430 magic80872 magical stimulation1652 male423449 male focus969 masturbation20447 medial ring7885 nudity420012 orgy2223 pegasus oc19820 penis173738 penis on face1620 plot96146 ponut50340 precum12233 sex137579 show accurate21022 show accurate porn8321 sitting72050 solo focus19504 stallion132912 unicorn oc17369 zebra oc3960


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