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"Professional my chitinous ass, these uniforms aren't going to work. Back to the old stuff ladies, critics be damned,"

In an attempt to be a more 'professional' food environment, Chrysalis purchased some matching uniforms for her employees. A shame those uniforms don't account for their more odd bits.
One would think that a race of shapeshifters wouldn't have problem finding clothing that fits properly…

All characters are of at least 21 years of age
suggestive148350 alternate version49745 artist:blues641164 artist:marauder62721849 queen chrysalis35442 thorax4475 oc711582 oc:sinyxstra77 changedling8755 changeling49759 changeling queen17674 anthro269429 unguligrade anthro50202 absolute cleavage3647 big breasts85956 blushing204537 breasts288556 busty queen chrysalis3797 busty queen mesosoma67 cleavage35626 erect nipples11430 facepalm464 female1401315 females only13042 gritted teeth13203 hand on hip7496 huge breasts39977 hyper10812 hyper breasts4846 impossibly large breasts17351 impossibly large thighs676 impossibly wide hips2266 king thorax2976 mesosoma101 nipple outline7862 queen mesosoma83 rule 6327482 small clothes36 sweat27618 sweatdrop3395 thighs15050 thunder thighs9009 tight clothing2656 wide hips18253


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