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always fun carrying ur drunk friends home and by carry I mean drag because I’m not a Pegasus but a lame human with 0 body strength
safe1755099 artist:lynnpone30 fluttershy217645 rainbow dash239006 pegasus310761 pony1014993 blue background5568 blushing205270 cider2600 cider dash109 drunk4998 drunker dash405 female1405820 flutterdash4622 flying39540 lesbian99456 misspelling2506 shipping206169 shipping fuel1597 simple background410563 text62455 wings123902


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Background Pony #F0EC
I love how Dash is just so pleased with herself, just like a little shid.

“How much did she drink this time?”
“Only 15 mugs? Wow has she finally learn to self-con-”
“15 barrels”
Maybe she does it intentionally so Fluttershy would carry her. :P
Background Pony #06AF
I was hoping someone would comment on this I was unsure if it was bold enough for anyone to see 😂😂