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Ride far away cross the mighty river Tay  
Over mountains into the unknown  
Follow your heart, let it guide you through the dark  
To the Land of Unicorns  
– Gloryhammer
safe1859647 artist:dstears686 fizzlepop berrytwist9506 sci-twi27310 starlight glimmer52652 sunset shimmer68807 tempest shadow17709 trixie71975 twilight sparkle319722 pony1203828 unicorn393094 broken horn14547 chest fluff47505 clothes518116 coke169 collar37857 counterparts887 cute220053 equestria girls ponified4568 eye beams150 eyes closed108890 female1499418 glasses71442 gloryhammer2 grin47007 horn98035 jacket14759 karaoke166 mare556044 microphone5797 notepad576 open mouth175597 open smile9114 reformed unicorn meeting19 singing6954 sitting71805 smiling296449 soda1731 television2811 twilight's counterparts903 unicorn sci-twi849


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Background Pony #1101
“Open your eyes, I see  
Your eyes are open  
Wear no disguise for me  
Come into the open
When it’s cold (When it’s cold) outside (outside)  
Am I here in vain?  
Hold on to the night  
There will be no shame
Always, I wanna be with you  
And make believe with you  
And live in harmony, harmony oh love  
(Always) I wanna be with you  
And make believe with you  
And live in harmony, harmony oh love”
Background Pony #1D73
I love seeing Sci-Twi in the reformed unicorns club!! I don’t think anyone else has done that yet but I’ve always wanted someone to draw her with them. She may not be on the same level as the others but she was a villain at one point so I think she’s earned a spot in the club.
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Not gonna lie, before I realized they were singing Gloryhammer, I thought they were singing “Always” from Rainbow Unicorn Attack.