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We "hired" an anonymous Spirit of Chaos to give you some info on the next Tiny Pony video.

The Fluttershy-photo is a vector done by jhayarr23
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My Little Pony and its characters belong to Hasbro.
safe1750348 artist:doublewbrothers504 angel bunny10013 discord31821 fluttershy217234 rarity185574 screwball1478 draconequus12816 pegasus309101 pony1010419 animated100813 anonymous660 discord (program)245 eyes closed98047 facebook1182 finger518 gun16334 informative15 jumpscare130 logo3774 meme83367 meta16738 mouth hold18069 offscreen character35729 open mouth154293 poison joke832 pov14504 screaming3538 shot136 sketch64527 sleeping23934 sneaking318 sound9448 tiny1329 tiny ponies1509 trollface452 twitter3252 vitruvian man31 voice acting536 weapon31425 webm14334 youtube2315


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Looks like no one wants you to get close, Discord anonymous person with a talon and a lion paw for hands. Too bad. :P

Seriously though no rush, take as long as you need. I'm just glad Fluttershy is getting one of these after all. It can take as much time as possible, just as long as it will eventually happen. :)