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This is the official poster for My Little Pony: A New Generation. And yep, not the animated one from social media.
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Background Pony #ADE5
By that logic, any tech from any time will make something dated.
Who gives a shit if something is dated? Especially if its something everyone uses on a day to day basis? Sounds like you are afraid of change.
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@Background Pony #ADE5
Modern tech will instantly make the show dated.

Modern culture and issues will just present one side of the matter and tell you how to think, rather than present both sides and not make one explicitly correct over the other.
Background Pony #ADE5
Ah yes, the very thing you use today. Apparently bronies are terrified that their phones are going to off them in their sleep.
Aldo it's quite funny that ponies doing "modern culture" things in art and fanfics gets a free pass yet when its official you all decide to throw a tantrum about it. Pretty hypocritical.