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Full Resolution Leotard Version
My latest commission from my pal LadyKraken
suggestive148478 alternate version50004 artist:ladykraken68 rarity185821 sunset shimmer64922 tempest shadow17026 equestria girls207551 absurd resolution67042 action pose1199 advertisement9051 akira68 atari78 billboard198 boobs and butt pose468 boots22961 breasts289210 bunset shimmer1816 busty sunset shimmer5687 butt66202 car6241 choker12977 city4374 clothes476751 commission73245 commissioner:branagain285 covering4038 covering breasts457 cowboy boots1598 cutie mark49826 cutie mark accessory523 cyberpunk1602 dimples of venus326 gun16353 high heel boots5887 high heels11805 highway89 hologram328 implied discord357 implied spike785 leotard4727 moon24134 motorcycle1190 neon1000 night27425 nuka cola154 outdoors11677 panties51527 road892 sexy30747 shoes38815 shooting521 sideboob10823 skyscraper277 sticker1601 stupid sexy sunset shimmer945 submachinegun355 sunglasses15096 thong6234 thong leotard312 underwear62556 weapon31473


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Background Pony #184A
I bet Sunset is a superhero in that artwork! She would have a grappling gun to swing, zip, catch bad guys, and save people! GO SUNSET GOOOO!!!