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artist needed26223 safe1750222 derpibooru exclusive29308 edit135884 edited screencap67215 screencap227290 sunset shimmer64768 twilight sparkle306080 human158938 derpibooru7182 equestria girls206972 equestria girls (movie)7580 angry28063 canterlot high2852 caption22057 clothes475907 eyebrows6428 eyelashes12305 female1401672 frown23561 impact font1525 indoors3416 jacket13144 leather1284 leather jacket3485 lockers1802 looking191 looking at each other21444 meme83364 meta16737 question1201 question mark4697 school1830 shirt26166 stare1391 staring at each other15 staring contest124 symbol423 text62176 text edit1210 top366 woman488


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