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hm today i will listen to 'Enemy Undefined' 40 consecutive times in a row.

in fact, have some appropriate links
Princewhateverer's Channel
Enemy Undefined

I know this isn't technically fanart of the song(s), but they were all major inspirations, so I might as well give credit where it is very much due
safe1749440 artist:provolonepone111 apple bloom50922 sweetie belle49708 earth pony265543 pony1009559 robot8136 robot pony3825 unicorn341884 80s1107 apple bloom's bow1588 bow29941 destabilize14 duo64659 enemy undefined (destabilize pt. 3)3 female1400962 glowing eyes11575 gun16331 hair bow16365 hug29118 l st- n-d ta1 mare501700 retro409 shotgun1518 spas-1262 sweetie bot1334 weapon31408


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