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hm today i will listen to ‘Enemy Undefined’ 40 consecutive times in a row.
in fact, have some appropriate links  
Princewhateverer’s Channel  
Enemy Undefined
I know this isn’t technically fanart of the song(s), but they were all major inspirations, so I might as well give credit where it is very much due
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safe1918909 artist:provolonepone139 apple bloom55232 sweetie belle52452 earth pony338493 pony1266539 robot9105 robot pony4406 unicorn420115 80s1155 apple bloom's bow2295 bow35839 destabilize19 duo100599 enemy undefined (destabilize pt. 3)5 female1554370 glowing eyes13151 gun18074 hair bow20036 hug32553 l st- n-d ta1 mare588025 retro459 shotgun1657 spas-1269 sweetie bot1423 weapon35407


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TOO COOL…!!! HOW DO YOU MAKE A PHOTOGRAM OF A VIDEO FROM THE 80’S LOOK? It almost looks like something out of a series of the time, it’s amazing.