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Originally posted on: August 13, 2020, 9:46 PM UTC  
Been working on these in between working on owed art! These gals are $15 each! First come first serve.
1: Twilight Sparkle X Sunset Shimmer CLOSED
2: Princess Cadence X Shining Armor CLOSED
3: Big Mac X Sugar Belle CLOSED
-Please credit me as the original designer!
-All payments must be sent through Paypal
-Do not resell the design for more than you paid for unless there has been additional artworks made for the design!
Thank you, I hope you all enjoy these!
Art © Me
Designs © Me
MLP © Hasbro
safe1752384 artist:bluet0ast69 oc712796 oc only465871 alicorn233178 earth pony266638 pony1012210 unicorn343049 alicorn oc27662 colored hooves6389 earth pony oc9898 female1403539 horn77929 leonine tail9213 magical lesbian spawn12675 mare503046 offspring40931 parent:big macintosh3362 parent:princess cadance1690 parent:shining armor1454 parent:sugar belle382 parent:sunset shimmer1517 parent:twilight sparkle8694 parents:shiningcadance1005 parents:sugarmac242 parents:sunsetsparkle375 simple background409788 transparent background209153 unicorn oc11027 wings123491


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