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Apple Jack
- Built like a fricking building, like she is not strong like man who look pretty, she strong like bitch who fights bears the the forest
- has the strength of ten big mac`s
- let's her hair flow in the wind on a crisp autumn morning
- is an awesome bake and cook
- overprotective mother
- can drink liquor and moonshine like there's no tomorrow
- is extremely romantically dense
- is a botanist dork to the extreme
- knows how to use her tools to fix around the home and barn
- wakes up in 5 in the morning to get ahead of the day and her chores
- is like a general when it comes to keeping her kin in line
- likes to have outings with the family
- is now the head of sweet apple acres and takes care of everything business and financial wise

- the queen of flare and fashion
- you can distract her with anything shiny and you have a few hours to spare
- stress knits a lot
- will wallow in ice cream and wine when she feels distressed
- loves her big strong dragon
- has made her fashion industry nation wide
- the money this lady has like, she has a pool with the most expensive diamonds decorated within it, just has to find out how to keep her family from eating it
- her ability to find gems is that of a bloodhounds sense of smell
- loves to read saucy novels while taking a bath with candles and scented oils
- if she finds one spec of dirt on her, her wardrobe, or her home she will clean and disinfect everything
- has OSD
- is a very classy elegant lady of the highest esteem, but will not hesitate to throw all that out the window to fight a bitch
safe1749083 artist:dodiejinx31 applejack173131 rarity185446 classical unicorn4225 unicorn341754 applejack's hat8344 clothes475370 cloven hooves10591 coat markings5407 cowboy hat17086 dappled485 granny smith's shawl195 hat90178 headcanon2370 horn77349 jacket13128 jewelry68012 leonine tail9189 long horn454 necklace20262 older27771 older applejack782 older rarity737 pearl necklace1408 skunk stripe347 unshorn fetlocks27116


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