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April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
New Lunar RepublicNLR(35577)
(25543)Solar EmpireSE

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Ponies being cute
suggestive175673 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3041 sweetie belle53863 human209494 pony1351385 unicorn458581 blank flank9073 blushing243029 cork252 dialogue82062 dock63188 fake crying6 female1627964 filly86376 floppy ears65483 hand11060 human male7794 human male on filly607 human on pony action12027 imminent oral1161 imminent sex9265 implied blowjob1058 implied foalcon1645 implied oral2052 implied sex7415 interspecies28282 lies511 lying4310 magic suppression4645 male470424 monochrome165254 panting3485 raised hoof61059 roleplay219 sexual roleplaying7 shivering2379 sitting80353 sketch74147 straight161956 suggestive dialogue25 sweat34439 teary eyes5839 vulgar23696


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Background Pony #705D
Non-con roleplay with a filly?  
That’s some impressive level of lewd.