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suggestive148403 artist:moronsonofboron653 princess celestia96754 queen chrysalis35464 human158940 belly button81242 big breasts86008 braces1344 breast squish1763 breasts288668 brolestia29 busty princess celestia10591 busty queen chrysalis3811 chryslestia285 dork3863 dorkalis176 female1401701 glasses64572 height difference718 humanized101911 lesbian99266 lipstick11639 nail polish8101 shipping205654 size difference14997 sweater puppies145 woman488


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Sunset Shimmer Fan
Except, if you look closely, Chryssy is quite well-stacked herself. She's just not very tall.

And at least the breasts on these two look better than what MSoB/GR does to poor Twist.
Background Pony #E450
And Celestia doesn't realize this just presses her friend with her nose on the facts. Those two, giant, facts.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Howdy 4 All
So THIS is why Chrysalis attacked Canterlot years later. Body issues and long-simmering jealousy coming to the surface.