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safe1753691 artist:kirasunnight111 tempest shadow17028 pony1013259 unicorn343551 2 panel comic1394 broken horn14064 comic111608 eye scar5193 eyes closed98418 female1404551 haha no21 high res33122 horn78143 laughing8319 mare503487 mood whiplash138 open mouth155042 scar12474 simple background410180 solo1096368 tempest shadow is not amused257 that escalated quickly156 threat418 unamused16789 white background102749


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Background Pony #628C
Tempest, please don’t. Give us a chance. We’ll do anything you want, please.
Background Pony #66FA
She was strong enough to throw a 12 ft sharkman around in the air like a beach ball and she has teeth, she’s more than capable of going Mortal Kombat on somebody’s ass.
also the electricity of hers usually ends in with with fireworks like explosions

But how are you going to do that? You have hooves and your horn is broken. The worst you can do is electrify me.
…Please don’t hurt me.