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facesit time I mean spell practice time
suggestive148420 artist:blitzyflair117 princess celestia96828 twilight sparkle306397 alicorn233179 pony1012210 blushing204939 both cutie marks10794 butt66147 dialogue68126 dock52117 drool25748 eyes on the prize5572 female1403544 female pov763 imminent facesitting176 mare503047 offscreen character35784 offscreen female51 open mouth154803 peytral3784 plot82152 pov14507 praise the sun2090 question1203 rear view12832 salivating1837 shrunken pupils3388 speech bubble24438 sunbutt4209 the ass was fat14244 tongue out108431 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126269 wide hips18308


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