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Mmmmm, finally decided to do a quick but more detailed reference sheet of my bae, Poise the Demon. ;;v;;  
I absolutely LOVE this character so much, he in my opinion is the best character I’ve ever made. I had him when my confident was at its highest which I haven’t felt in a VERY long time, I decided to keep his original artwork and use it because it’s perfect. ;;  
Anyways, down to the ref. <33  
Name-Poise ‘Unknown’ Mode  
Nicknames-Poise, Lil-Demon, Demon, Bab, Boo [Only by close, best friends and/or lover]  
Age-N/A [Pony Years-24]  
Gender-Male [He/him/they]  
Species-Earth pony/Demon  
Personality-Extremely confident [Can be cocky], sassy, dominate [Likes to be in control of people and others ;;], intelligent, proud, day-dreamer, calm and mild, patience.  
Relationship Status-Single, rarely stays with one person [Jumps from relationship to relationship making it hard for him to be in a serious relation with someone]  
Likes-Super natural stuff, Demonic/Satanic things, white and red roses, snakes and lizards, sunset, colour light pink, coldness and pierces.  
Dislikes-Bright neon colours, obsessive people, physically contact [From strangers and ponies he hardly knows], pineapples and bracelets.  
Things needed to know  
-He has pierces on his LEFT ear only.  
-Always wears his necklace.  
-He is as tall as Princess Cadence.  
-He sometimes to almost always likes to stand very close to ponies, showing his height, tongue and dominance to them for a reaction.  
-Likes to draw designs for tattoos in his spare time.  
Poise the Demon was created by :iconinspiredpixels:  
Artwork belongs to :iconinspiredpixels:  
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Published: Nov 19, 2017


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