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This artwork was made as part of an art pack which came out a week ago.  
Artpack link (Warning: LOTS of NSFW): >>2658923
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
44 lights used in this scene (2 volumetric)
Models used:  
safe1949035 artist:imafutureguitarhero405 fluttershy236077 bird11271 butterfly8344 pegasus396436 anthro310702 unguligrade anthro57494 art pack:summer booty37 3d99873 absurd resolution70764 alternate hairstyle33000 belly button94274 black bars315 blushing235284 cheek fluff7700 chromatic aberration1763 clothes550940 colored eyebrows474 colored eyelashes665 crossed legs4079 cute232498 cute little fangs2702 daaaaaaaaaaaw5694 ear fluff40637 ear piercing34834 earring26727 fangs32595 female1582205 film grain357 floppy ears63596 fluffy16625 forest12595 grass12415 hair over one eye11000 headband4525 hippieshy112 jeans5286 jewelry88980 letterboxing170 mare605729 outdoors15675 pants18460 piercing52415 revamped anthros1133 revamped ponies513 shorts16916 shoulder fluff2490 shyabetes16715 signature34295 sitting77248 sitting on ground12 smiling324398 solo1248420 source filmmaker58350 tanktop9420 tree40326 wall of tags5284 wings169741


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