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Greetings fellow Ponys.
Well, I’m not sure how to describe this Scene.  
The Artwork was supposed to show me admiring the starry Sky, Luna had created.  
But somehow I look more sad, maybe sunken in Thoughts.  
It is on the Grand Galloping Gala and next to me is my Sister in Law and Regent of Equestria, Queen Cadance.
Maybe, it is in the Future, maybe some hundred Years.  
I’m on the Gala but can’t enjoy it, because, I’m alone.  
The same Problem all Alicorn have, we are imortal.
Every of my Friend has left me … every Lover …  
I’s actual not set, if I ever marry, have children …  
Maybe I had a Family with my old Crush Big Mac …  
Except Cadance, I know no Alicorn with an Family.
Shining Armor, my Stepbrother, will be gone too, but Cadance still has her Daughter Flurry Heart.  
After Cadance was coroned to the Queen of Equestria, Flurry has taken over the Rulership over the Crystal Kingdom.  
They talk to each other every day thanks to some magically synchronized Crystals, capable of merging the Thoughts of two Ponys into one, but they are still far apart.  
Luckily Twilight has developed this Communication Spell long ago.  
As Earth Pony she could not cast it herself, but she has create the Basics.
So I’m standig there, thinking at the good old Times with my Friends.  
I’m the last of the original Bearers of Harmony, even if I’m not longer wearing my Element.  
The six Necklaces are now Part of the Canterlot Museum Exhibit.  
They are not longer mighty Tools to deffend Equestria.  
With every passing Bearer, one Necklace more has turn in a nice looking, but useless Piece of Jewelry, without any magic glow inside.  
My own Necklace was the last Element loosing its Power, the Day after my last Friend has pass away and with her, my Smiling.
That was Decades ago.  
Some Ponys had say, I would look more like Professor Maud Pie, the greatest Authority in Geology of our Time.  
After my Breakdown, I had even lost my Ability to speak with Animals.  
I’ve lost everything I had loved in the Past.
I hear soft Words, words of Comfort.  
Cadance has tell me something, but I could not hear the most of it.  
She lay her Hoof on my Shoulder and I look to her.  
She has a smile on her Lips, a sad smile.  
It show me, she know exactly how I feel right now.  
She say: “Don’t stay in the Past and look what the Future may have for you.” and her Smile get brighter.
I stared on her emotionless for Minutes, but then … I could feel something grow deep inside …  
A little Spark of something …  
Something I havn’t feel a long Time.
Cadance stepped closer, sit next to me and took me in a soft hug.  
I could’nt see it, but the Corners of my Mouth had push themself into an Hint of a Smile.
Far away from us in a large, dark hall, an Observer would maybe have seen a soft, magical Flash and how a pink Butterfly in a golden Collar began to glow again.
Hope you like this Picture of me.
Have a nice Day and I see you at the next Upload ;-)
Follow me on Twitter to get an Info when I upload something: Princess Fluttershy on Twitter  
You are interested in using me in your Commissions or Art? have a look here for my Commish Rules
By the Way, the Idea with the Crystals I have from the great Fanfic “The enchanted Library” by Monocrome.  
You find it on FimFiction. Give it a try and like me get the real Books too ;-)
safe1754482 artist:azzzii1 princess cadance33195 oc713612 oc:princess fluttershy37 oc:queen cadance1 alicorn233514 pony1014066 alicornified5584 alternate character design56 alternate hairstyle29156 alternate universe10519 balcony1453 canterlot castle2271 commission73394 crown18021 duo65032 female1405209 flower26778 flower in hair8095 full moon3571 horn78248 immortality blues606 jewelry68704 mare503811 moon24160 multicolored hair5975 night27452 queen cadance25 race swap14726 regalia21222 spread wings57276 story included9581 windswept mane2873 wings123794 ych result23029


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Princess of the Animals
@Eurvos Morgenbrise  
If you look closely on the old Picture, you see my Name and my Email as Text.  
I have try to do the same, nearly invisible Watermarks, like the Paysite Sexyfur (Jeremy Bernal).  
But the Rarity in me dont wanted to show downscaled and marked Artworks to the Ponys here.  
So I have reupload them and wait for an Admin, to merge them, even with the Danger, somepony could use the Art in sellable Stuff.
But maybe, after all the Art is here avaiable, I habe some Fans, who like to expsnd the alternate Universe I have create.