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safe1753346 edit136088 edited screencap67359 screencap228019 storm king1215 newt20 yeti346 my little pony: the movie19472 amphibia40 antagonist1655 armor24502 beard3805 canterlot castle2272 claws5247 comparison4709 crossover63874 crown18003 disney2601 evil grin4619 eyebrows6575 facial hair6226 fangs26750 glowing4747 grin41113 horns6374 jewelry68604 king andrias2 magic75520 meme83493 moustache2970 open mouth154966 raised eyebrow6693 regalia21201 similarities128 smiling261918 staff3031 staff of sacanas402 stained glass1223 storm king's emblem154 tail31198 text62342 throne3241


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Background Pony #5CE4
I mean, it’s a punishment or rehabilitation bit. What good would sticking Tempest in a cell or administering corporeal punishment do, if she’s actively attempting to make amends? What good would putting the Storm King in a cell do to make him not be an asshole CEO with great khan theming?  
Granted, it’s idealistic and simplified, but it’s also y’know, from a children’s show.
Background Pony #5CE4
Reasonable take, the only real counterarguments I see-  
>We do see a lot of storm king aftermath, and he’s unquestionably the one in charge. Doesn’t entirely make her blameless (she was presumably actively doing some of it) but at the very least he signed off on everything and regretted none of it.  
>She also did attempt to fix her involvement, and I wouldn’t say an attempt to tackle someone about to toss a reasonably deadly weapon is “murder”, specifically.  
>Welcome to Equestria, where everyone gets a slap on the wrist.
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Monsterboi Enthusiast
@Background Pony #F3A2  
That still doesn’t justify her prior actions in the movie itself, though
She arguably did actions that were FAR more evil than anything we saw him do and she was CLEARLY aware of what she was doing
And yet she gets away with basically a slap on the wrist while he gets murdered?
Not cool in any sense.
Background Pony #F3A2
Well, Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist killed the Storm King for fooling her for promising to fixed her broken horn just for her rough actions. Now it’s up to Marcy Wu to kill King Andrias for fooling Marcy for promising to take Marcy and her friends to other worlds to have amazing adventures just for getting herself and her friends stranded in Amphibia on purpose.
Background Pony #5CE4
I’d actually argue that, if Starlight is supposed to be ‘communist’, then Tempy is supposed to be the ‘fascist’ in the metric.  
I don’t have a point and neither does Tempest.
I kid. It’s part of my other overall movie take, which is basically “Character development, canonicity, and chronology are all out of whack because it’s supposed to be a same-schema version of the show so far.” The studio cannot reasonably expect you to go watch up to current first, and doing a movie that was literally just the first few seasons condensed loses all the characterization and gains nothing. The storm king being a jumbled discord or starlight and tempest being reflections of each other is less important than the overall setup of the same story playing out.
Background Pony #5CE4
The storm king is literally just discord without the cosmic power to start and lacking any attempt at class.