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safe1995078 artist:bobthedalek1026 luster dawn1977 starlight glimmer55956 pony1347815 unicorn457189 angry33128 balloon11962 big butt skinner8 butt193042 clothes568290 crossed hooves2541 female1625233 funny4941 funny as hell593 glimmer glutes2117 headmare starlight112 high res87995 huge butt13938 implied trixie388 impossibly large butt9096 inconvenient luster dawn1 large butt26846 mare630409 older34784 older starlight glimmer220 plot120127 prank1637 sign4825 simpsons did it494 smug7920 starlight glimmer is not amused447 sweater17653 the simpsons2020 this will end in detention88 this will end in gulag75 unamused21090 weather balloon9


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Needs more Starburst
I don’t know Starlight, maybe if you turn around to see your smirking daughter standing behind you, you might find your answer.
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I like that Starlight, rather than suspecting her daughter or any of the hundreds of other students that she teaches, immediately suspects Trixie of being at fault here.