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Traced the best I could from breezie-sized >>2391661. Really liked this cute pone enough. :3
Hypothetically calling her “Blue Blur” for that reason, until the background pony naming thread gives her an official one. :)
May do a daylight version at some point, but we’ll see. :D
Help with the eye sparkles and placement based on some of my other movie-style vectors. :)
Have no idea what the heck her cutie mark was supposed to be; that part was highly extrapolated. :o
Mane matches Spring Petals’s, if you look closely enough. :3
safe1753006 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan303 derpibooru exclusive29347 earth pony266909 pony1012721 my little pony: the movie19471 .svg available8469 background pony10451 blue blur1 dark4636 female1404046 happy32235 inkscape1936 looking up17177 mare503285 movie accurate1301 night27425 shade350 simple background409971 svg3704 vector77925


not provided yet


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