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I found it hidden away in some random folder while surfing through my computer. I decided to upload it since this computer is being wiped. (Or was wiped if you’re reading this in the future)
useless source url2908 semi-grimdark30393 alternate version50033 artist:taeko12 rainbow dash238885 scootaloo51964 pegasus310246 pony1013211 fanfic:rainbow factory1207 absentia35 absentia's cutie mark11 age swap85 alternate cutie mark1692 alternate hairstyle29138 alternate timeline3040 bipedal36257 black outlines54 black suit15 blue coat309 bodysuit2253 clothes476921 cutie mark49864 duo64981 duo female12000 dyed tail122 evil3010 evil grin4623 evil scootaloo22 eviloo21 fanfic art14969 female1404525 filly69816 filly rainbow dash1289 folded wings6626 frown23628 grin41137 gritted teeth13296 hoof hold8647 imminent death2522 imminent murder197 insanity2666 large wings1656 long tail2406 looking at each other21529 mare503481 messy mane7944 messy tail262 multicolored hair5968 no shading60 oh no304 older27867 older scootaloo2144 orange coat82 pegasus device90 purple mane660 rainbow factory au11 rainbow factory scootaloo4 rainbow factory worker12 rainbow factory worker scootaloo16 rainbow hair2552 rainbow tail287 red eyes6567 role reversal1424 scared10784 scootaloo can fly768 simple background410154 slasher smile391 smiling261986 spikey mane26 spread wings57231 standing on two hooves200 teeth10549 the tables have turned91 this will end in death2537 this will end in tears3444 this will end in tears and/or death2335 thunderbolt138 trace1539 wall of tags3674 what if177 white background102735 wings123654 wrong eye color1017 younger17788


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