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She’s a good mailpony Sphonx :P
safe1755161 artist:badumsquish2013 derpibooru exclusive29382 derpy hooves50828 sphinx (character)971 pegasus310806 pony1015097 sphinx1997 claws5249 clipboard1260 clothes477355 cute206233 delivery123 derpabetes2840 desert1627 dialogue68227 duo65081 egyptian928 equestria's best mailmare7 fangs26793 happy32268 hat90703 headdress587 how248 mailmare1154 mailmare hat207 mailmare uniform82 mouth hold18125 open mouth155384 package379 paw pads490 paws5071 pyramid380 raised paw55 shirt26307 show accurate17085 sitting65771 smiling262513 surprised9631 talking6229 underpaw1656 x47


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Her boss forgot to tell her it was too heavy to lift by herself :P
@Background Pony #DE9C  
It’s funny actually. She really is one of the strongest characters in the series mentally-speaking. A lot of main characters have fallen to absolute pieces or begun lashing out to comfort themselves in response to not nearly as bad of a thing as Derpy got through. Like, she didn’t turn evil or fall into depression or take it out on anyone, she was basically like “I’m gonna try to have this fixed!” and then was like “Eh whatever I tried” and now she’s like one of the happiest and most successful characters in the show XD
You need to touch the toe beans :P
@Background Pony #9144  
@Background Pony #9144  
She’d dip her claw in ink and then write a bunch of hieroglyphs. Then Derpy is like “Is that an ‘𓎔’ or an ‘𓎕’? I forgot my reading glasses!” :P