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Uploaded by Background Pony #2581
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quick doodle. sweetie belle found a (png) gun
safe1755101 artist:alexsc11223 sweetie belle49784 pony1014993 unicorn344171 delet this195 glock134 gun16364 handgun2853 levitation12613 magic75595 pistol2150 simple background410563 sketch64654 smiling262503 solo1097284 telekinesis28825 weapon31495 white background102889


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Background Pony #3E22
Perhaps one day she won’t need the gun to get by, and just use her powerful magic to fight instead.
@Background Pony #884E  
It depends on when that’d be, if it’s “murder.” Depowered and defeated? Sure. “Trying to conquer the country with good odds of pulling it off,” no.
Though in the latter scenario, if it involved her having a power boost, not sure it’d do enough damage to actually matter.
Background Pony #9FD9
Sweetie’s got a gun, her dog day’s just begun, now everypony is on the run…