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Alternate Source (Da)

Just a little pic as illustration of how my cat react when i try to lift her up — Absolutely no react.
I love to invert this moments to pictures cuz cats gives me so much inspiration >w<
safe1727948 artist:yakovlev-vad502 roseluck5147 earth pony256937 human156816 pony988135 behaving like a cat2209 confused4816 cute203002 disembodied hand2860 female1382195 hand8888 holding a pony3050 it's dangerous to go alone74 mare491428 offscreen character34973 question mark4616 rosabetes52 rosepet297


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LOL this is so freakin cute! I love how she is looking down. Almost a fearful don't drop me kind of thing. Yet, her pose seems relaxed. The "I trust my human with my whole heart," kind of thing.

Who knows? Maube one day we will have anitronic ponies that will feel very real in our hands. Ponies we can hug and pet just like any other pet. <3

I am human, hear me err.
Roseluck seems to be thinking, "Is he gonna put me down, or is he just gonna hold me like this?"

I suppose a cat, a dog, or a pony would be thinking the same thing, behaving the same way, in that position.