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One of the benefits of having a hot sphinx gf with a massive dick :D  
Non-cumming version
explicit389173 alternate version59563 artist:badumsquish2154 derpibooru exclusive31530 sunset shimmer68849 human180292 monster girl413 original species29024 sphinx2194 equestria girls222324 anal30306 anal creampie9958 balls87605 blushing221773 couch9663 creampie35223 cum87584 cumming25687 doggy style8494 duo90509 eyelashes19047 eyes closed109083 folded wings9665 from behind15147 futa51314 futa on male2778 futa sphinx on human male12 futa sunset shimmer765 futadom1890 high res74387 house2672 human on sphinx action31 intersex49274 lying down26200 male422770 malesub6722 monster2483 nudity419395 one eye closed36445 penetration67384 prone28471 sex137333 size difference16567 smaller male952 smiling297050 smirk14513 species swap22127 speed bump position245 sphinxified160 submissive20035 wings148809 wink27785


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Sphinxes aren’t super common and a lot of folks are intimidated by them, so she gets REALLY pent up and is particularly close to the one guy who loves her for her massive size and warm fluffy aftercuddles :D